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Immune health and stress reduction the natural way, the herbal solution, the ancient way.

Tea is a beautiful commodity in the health and wellness arena and has been gaining traction in the marketplace for it’s numerous ancient found health benefits. We have gone a step further to bring infusion ingredients to make your tea experience a top notch elixir to heal what ails you.

Sourcing excellent tea is almost impossible in some areas.

We have compiled an amazing list of ingredients for all of your tea and supplement ingredient needs. Each tea is tested for quality before we bring it into our inventory.

The antioxidant benefits in tea will amaze you and the health benefits make it more the reason to switch from coffee to infusions. Please research the tea and supplement powders that we have available, each one has its unique benefits and you won’t be disappointed.

Adaptogens, natural nootropics and tea are an amazing way to start the day. We do not believe in selling mixtures we would rather sell the ingredients for you to make your own as you see fit from your research. Boost your immune system today.

We try to bring products to our store that are packed with the micro and macro nutrients your body needs to bring your health into alignment. We are constantly researching new breakthroughs in health and wellness while bringing new products to the store. The products we bring to the store have great benefits but you have do your own research, we are not allowed to make health claims on any item.

Please consult your healthcare provider before changing your routine and diet.

PHI is here for you and we provide ingredients for a healthier life.

Take a look at what we offer and spread the word.

Now open at 770 SE Pioneer way corner of Dock and Pioneer at The Hidden Gem, Oak Harbors newest business Co-Op. Also at this location is highabovebiz.com, a business and owner development company.

Call ahead and have your tea ready to go when you arrive.

We have brewed samples available for $2.25 and we have plenty of modern tea accessories in stock for all your brewing needs.

Online ordering will be available within the next couple of weeks and we will also have shipping available on all of our products.

Life is Matcha make of it so lets make it exciting and have some fun!

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